The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

After the success of online promotions, it has become crucial for every business no matter a startup or an established to have an online presence.

There are currently more than 1 billion live websites. Meanwhile, the time you’ve taken to read this post, four new websites have been created. With the rapid increase of websites, it’s difficult to stand out among competitors and businesses are increasingly challenged to leave a unique mark in the fast evolving Internet landscape. This, in addition to the fact that we’re in the middle of an information overload, makes it easy to lose sight of the basics that make a good website.

A website should tell a story and communicate information seamlessly to the end-user, otherwise it runs the risk of turning visitors off completely.
Studies have shown that you have less than a minute to convince your visitors to stay on your website. When it comes to online businesses companies’ face a hard time in building credibility because the prospects can’t see your face all they have is your website design to judge you in that few seconds.

Below are 10 website design mistakes and are commonly repeated by most of the companies

Just because of these little and basic web design mistakes your website will never be successful these are the few tips companies should keep in their back pocket and utilize in order to prevent their websites from becoming uninteresting and outdated.

Before I start listing down the web design mistakes many marketers try to make their DIY websites well I’m not saying this is wrong but I have seen many websites like these full of mistakes because this a human nature you can never criticize your own work so it is better to get it made.

Vague Call to Action

You’re done with the compelling content and attractive image to add to your Call to Action.
But the most important thing is to optimize your CTA tab, I usually come across to landing pages that do not have any CTA button and those that do either are hard to find or are confusing.
In the image below do you really think people will click the sign-up button?


(It is unclear whether this page wants us to sign up or download the app)

Indefinite Logo Selection

Rule #1 is to keep your branding constant which definitely includes the logo too but many companies lose the track by using a template logo or by hiring a freelancer to design it.
Stop treating your logo to build up the swag for your brand. The logo speaks for your brand it gives a picture to your prospects about what your brand actually is. Long story short a logo represents your brand.

So there should be a strong connection between your logo, website, and other branding.


(The logo here does not settle down with the page)

Brand Consistency

Your customers really do not care how creative or fancy your brand is all they want is value for their money and time.
This is where small details are extremely important. Use your brand’s colors wherever you are online. Use the same fonts, if possible.
Here are few of the ideas:
Banner ads: your banners should always have the same visual feel as the landing page. Use the same photo, colors, copy, and fonts.
Social media: Follow your branding guidelines to create cover images, profile images, and post share images.


Using Different Fonts

This is one of the most common website design mistakes. Usually, designers and non-professional freelancers like to go crazy with fonts. This tiny looking mistake can tell your visitors that your website is not designed by a professional.

Select max 2 main fonts and use those in your entire branding materials one for the headlines and the other one for the text block make sure they’re web-friendly and work well with your brand logo.


(While this is not the worst example I have ever seen, this website could benefit from using fewer fonts and paying attention to contrast.)

Using Different Colors

I often come across websites with too many different and loud colors well this may be attractive but yet again you have to think from the visitor’s point of view.
Using different colors can tend to confuse your buyers it is advised to use the same color as of the logo.


(In this website you can see there are too many different shades of pink are used)

Negative/Random Spacing

Now, this is the most important principle of designing and this is the most common website design mistake I see these days.

Usually, designers copy paste the image and scatter those all over the website without proper alignment which makes the website look very cluttered and hard to understand.

Make sure to implement design principle of proximity combine content together in small paragraphs to make it easier for the visitor to read. If you’re using boxes to outline stuff make sure there is enough space for the content and border on all the sides.


(The spacing done in this article clearly shows it is not designed by a professional)

Using Stock Photos

Companies like to show images of people shaking hands, a big team with smiling faces, or some random guy pointing at a presentation thinking that visitors will perceive their company as more reliable. Now the problem with stock images is that they are irrelevant and can be used by anyone.
This web design mistakes can be easily avoided by using actual photos of your company, team members and products. If you do not have the budget of hiring a professional photographer then just simply click pictures from your Smartphone or use screenshots. But stay real.


(What do stars have to do with job hunt?)

Default Photoshop Effects

Unprofessional designers like to be over creative by playing around with Photoshop effects. This results in making their page look like it was made in the 90’s.

We’re lucky that this new flat design trend came around since now it’s become easier than ever to design your own website. You don’t need to know all the fancy gradients, drop shadows and other Photoshop tools. Focus on spacing, color, and alignment instead and leave the cheesy Photoshop effects in the past.


This website has a lot of textures, gradients and drops shadows making it look outdated.

Random Icon Selection

If you can’t create your own customized illustrations so better invest in a large icon/illustration pack which includes all the icons which you want to use and make sure they match with the overall website theme.

Choosing icons from different packs will obviously have different colors and fonts and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to use different fonts in a single sentence.


(I figured out three different icon packs. How many can you?)

Difficult Readability

You can quickly analyze the credibility of the website by just looking at the typography of it and trust me this is the worst web design mistake as you’ll lose your customer instantly if he wouldn’t be able to read. Also, this mistake can leave a very bad impression.

Some of the common text mistakes.

  • Too small or too big letters
  • Long lines of text
  • Large text blocks
  • Lack of hierarchy
  • Bad line height


(ZenCastr is a great service, but these long lines are really hard to read)


I hope you now know what your web design mistakes are and how you can fix them and take a step further towards success. These are few very tiny mistakes but can leave an impression which can damage your brand reputation for a longer period of time.
For any further queries comment below.

Christene Joseph is a blogger and social media marketer at Startup Bug. She specializes in social media, blogging, and enjoys creating marketing funnels.