Generally, those who initiate a startup get puzzled to figure out over which business objective they should emphasize most on and where should they spend their limited budget. And it’s completely normal; no one would want their money to go to waste.

A question every entrepreneur in the early stages of a startup asks, “How much a  well designed logo is important for my startup?” This confusion is due to the fact because a logo seems like an insignificant thing with no tangible presence. Of course, there are other vital requirements to have a Startup running such as the purchasing of inventory, logistics and the recruitment of manpower and we completely neglect the thought of investing efforts on marketing and branding during this stage. One has to realize this is an oversight and you need to realize it soon if you’ve just initiated your venture.  

 According to Su Mathews Hale, Senior Partner at Lippincott, “A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behavior, and values”. The most important reasons Startups should not compromise on a well-designed logo:

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1.First Impression, Best Impression:

While you’re thinking of a catchy and memorable name for your company that will best reflect your business, you should consider doing the same thing at the same time for your logo. The very first thing every entrepreneur wants is to instantly create his existence in the market. The logo serves as the face of the business and it’s the major asset towards creating that existence that will make your customers identify your business.  It makes the startup get recognizable which will turn into a brand in future. When the customer first comes across your business, his eyes are dragged towards your name and your logo. This is your chance to make the first impression and there you can make the best of it. Your logo would provide first-hand information of your business which would save you from manipulating (hard selling) a customer to purchase your product.

2. Hurrying Up Would Cause Damages:
Startups typically have their logos designed in a hurry, such as before the launching ceremony. But it can lead to all sorts of mistakes which will ruin your branding in the long run. You could end up with a logo having a vague message which doesn’t represent anything at all about your business. The customer could interpret different images.  Then there’s the problem of choosing low rate designers because you have financial limitations. There’s a reason he’s a low rate designer because he is an amateur with weak skills. He will end up crafting something entirely different. The most pathetic mistake one can make; steal a logo. This will wipe out your entire existence from the market and if you even think about making a return, the humiliation suffered before will make the intentions disappear.


3. Attracting The Right Customers:
With competition more than ever and a clutter of common products, you should direct every ounce of effort towards creating your own unique and meaningful identity that sets you apart from your competition. An identity which will attract the customers you want and the starting point for it is a well-designed logo. This unique identity will quickly increase your brand awareness and credibility in the market which leads to financial benefits.

With a well-designed logo, you wouldn’t have to speak because it’ll be roaring about your brand’s personality and how well you know your target market. It has developed the faith, trust and a bond solid as concrete because people will be able to see their solutions in it, and in turn, they won’t redirect towards your competitor because you’re trustworthy and dependable now, all thanks to a well-designed logo.

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We try to make sure our customer remembers us when he comes across our logo. We quickly identify an object because we’re made to remember their shapes and colors; it’s a general characteristic of human brain which tells you the power of a well designed logo, because it connects the people with your company. We can agree now, a company’s attire is its logo. A logo is present on various places such as advertisements, business cards, websites and social media network. Since start ups look towards rapid rate of recognition, and these channels have the potential to make you reach global audience, emphasis towards a logo cannot be overlooked. By working on these points you can achieve your desired logo easily and make your logo be remembered by your customer as a reflection of their solutions the customers always craved for.
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Christene Joseph is a blogger and social media marketer at Startup Bug. She specializes in social media, blogging, and enjoys creating marketing funnels.