The biggest nightmare for any startup is the low budget branding and the high end competitors and this situation leads to disappointment as many entrepreneurs think they cannot achieve their marketing goals because of the lack of money but this concept is far from the truth.

However, promoting a new product is never easy.

As Chron.com shares, “Getting a new product out for customers to see and try out is the first step in selling that product successfully. Even the best product will do little good for the public if they do not know it exists.”

Even if you have a huge marketing budget, you still need to develop a campaign which is totally out of the box and can drive results. Marketing is more about your message and finding ways to get it out there than it is the amount of money you have access to. When you are working with a low budget branding, creativity is your biggest asset. Here are five ways to market your business on low budget.

  1. Design A Social Media Campaign
  2. Look Around For Genuine Partnerships
  3. Develop An Internal Customer Service
  4. Grow Out Your Business With Smart Branding
  5. Lastly, Think Out Of The Box

Build a Traffic Generating Social Media Campaign

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snap chat, Instagram and Twitter give you direct access to a mass number of potential customers, located all over the world. But, it isn’t that simple to attract the audience by just being average. You will need to put out interesting and unique content in order to build a large following.

As you build your social audience, you will create a valuable asset that allows you to market over and over, without it costing you a dime. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your social audience with constant promotional offers. If someone follows your business on social media, he or she is obviously interested in what you offer. You don’t need to flood your audience members with direct advertisements; that flood will turn them off and cause them to disconnect with your brand on social media. Instead, subtle and clever posts will naturally spark interest in your brand.

Bonus Tip: All the social media channels have different types of audience and the way of marketing on each channel is also different. Hence, design your social media campaigns according to the requirements of each channel.

Using trial based tools like AdEspresso can make your campaigns more effective. In start tools like these are free of cost for trial.

Develop Partnership with Your Kind of Businesses

This is a very easy way to place your brand in front of the right audience and quickly build a customer base and generate revenue, which in turn will give you more working capital to scale.

You will have to identify potential referral opportunities that will complement the product or service of the partner. For example, a web design company could set up a referral agreement with a local attorney that specializes in corporation filings. The attorney could send the web designer interested clients and be paid a flat fee per deal or a percentage of the sale.

It’s important to set up a deal with two things in mind — longevity, and keeping the referral partner happy, so he or she continues to funnel business your way. While this strategy will eat up a portion of your profits, it will also allow you to build your business without the advertising expense.

Stay Connected To Your Loyal Customers

Who are the loyal customers? The ones which are constantly repeated.

The first rule for grow your business is you should have an email list of all your customers, and make it a point to touch base with all of them often. Rather than send direct-sales offers, send interesting information related to your industry.

A ticket re seller, for example, should segment a customer list into groups based on the types of events they’ve purchased tickets to in the past. In this context, the reseller might send everyone on the “sporting events” list an email when a milestone is reached or some significant news breaks, like a major trade.

This kind of marketing keeps your brand fresh in the minds of your customers. That way, the next time they’re in the market for what you offer, you’ll be the first company they’ll rely on.

(Email Marketing can help you in maintaining a healthy relationship with your existing clients. Once you have the email addresses it gets easier to approach those clients who already trust your work.)

Develop a Smart Branding Strategy

Low budget branding is difficult but not impossible there are many brand developing companies who offer different packages at economical prices especially for startups. So, do not wait for a miracle to happen on its own go on and hire professional branding company which can help you with your growth stage.

These small branding tactics can take you far away as I said build up your social media existence for that you can get a customized cover photo according to your brand colors this will keep your brand fresh in the audience mind and the most important asset of your  business is your website. Make sure it is up to the mark.

Pro Tip: Always follow branding step by step if you tend to apply all the strategies together you might end up with something disastrous thus leaving your audience confused.

Do Something Virally Outrageous

When you are about to launch your brand in the market you already have existing competitors and obviously you’ll face upcoming competitors later. Your branding strategy should be dazzling enough to catch the attention of your audience at once. Keep an eye on all the activities of your competitors but never follow them instead stay one step ahead of them.

Just for the example look at the branding of Apple. So simple yet so powerful.

So, what have we learned?

A quick overview of the entire article.

  1. Keep your social media existence consistent and strong do not flood your audience with offers and irrelevant post as they might get distracted.
  2. After your brand the main asset of your business are your clients. Stay in touch with them if you do not have anything to offer on a particular time then just leave them a greeting message this way your brand will stay on their mind.
  3. Try to come up with something new as old branding tactics can make your look like all the others. But, never cross the rules of marketing always keep an eye on the marketing of well known brands.

Christene Joseph

Christene Joseph is a blogger and social media marketer at Startup Bug. She specializes in social media, blogging, and enjoys creating marketing funnels.

Christene Joseph is a blogger and social media marketer at Startup Bug. She specializes in social media, blogging, and enjoys creating marketing funnels.