In today’s changing marketing world, your website has become a more powerful tool than ever. As a 24/7 shop, your website has the potential to be your most significant asset and the centerpiece of your marketing efforts.
However, rapidly changing technology can make your website feel kind of old and outdated. While sometimes a redesign might be a savior, you may not have the time or money to invest in such a large project. If you’re one of the folks that fall into this boat, we have put together a list of 10 simple ways you can improve your website to boost your results.

Build Clear Navigation

Do you have a list of items under one heading on your navigation bar? If so, you might want to look at clearing up your website. A cleaner navigation makes things easier to find. When things are easier to find, it creates a better experience for your site’s visitors. Plus, they’ll be less likely to hit the back button because they won’t be frustrated trying to find what they need.

Bonus Tip: According to Crazy Egg white space around text and titles increases user attention by 20%. White space can also make your website look fresh, open and modern.

A great example of the good use of calls to action is WUFOO. Their entire page is action oriented and uses buttons to encourage the user to go to the next step. At the end of the page you’ll also see the use of time sensitive language like “Sign Up Now” and action oriented language like GET STARTED. These are active action words that prompt and guide the user.

Source: Hubspot

Use Your CTA on Every Page

Every website should have their CTA seems obvious right? But many do not focus on this feature. Calls to actions that are clearly marked with an action word enable your user to more easily navigate your site and get to where they want.

In creating buttons for your website you should think about color and the psychology of color. In a study done by Maxymiser, researchers are shocked to find that they achieved an increase of 11% in clicks to the checkout area of the Laura Ashley website, by testing color variations and action messaging. Different colors evoke different messages. Think about the message that you want to evoke for a user (trust, experience, intelligence) and choose your colors wisely.

A second thing to consider is the actual words you use for your buttons. The words should include a verb or an action word that excite the user to do SOMETHING. Choosing the right words or psychological triggers is highly determined by the level of emotional identification that word prompts. No emotional connection means no action. So make your words bold, time sensitive and action-oriented.

A great example of well-designed headings with consistent content comes from Tilde. Here you can see that the headings stand out in size and color and accurately describe the content that follows

Use Bullets to Explain Features

Bullets will enable the user to quickly get all the information they want: benefits, ways you solve their problem and key features of a product/service– all in a short amount of time. This will make your propositions more attractive and will enable the user to get all the information they need. Additionally you do not have to go the traditional route with a simple circle.
With tons of cool icons out there you can also get creative with your bullet and help the reader further with images that represent your point. This is also useful because it will force you to isolate the most important points you are trying to make without getting caught up in terminology or specifics.

A great example of such illustrations can be seen on Unbounce.

Introduce Your Visitors to Your Team

Who are you? What do you do? Do you work with a big team? When a business person – or consumer – selects a company to do business with, they often like to know who they’ll be working with same as you want to know all about your target audience. Add pictures of your team with real bios. Bottom line: show you’re a real human being.

Get Social with Your Customers

These days the entire world seems to be on social media. So, if you’re still not there you’re missing something big. Start your marketing campaign with one channel further grow your existence on the others as successful as you go on social media as consistent your identity stays on your audiences mind. Lastly, never forget to display your social media buttons on your website as this linking can increase your traffic and can build your credibility.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

As the marketing world is evolving our needs for technologies are getting more advance and you can find everything on your mobile from apps to websites. is imperative that your website is mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate no matter the screen type through which it is being accessed.

Recently, Google started penalizing sites that aren’t mobile optimized, making the need for responsiveness even more crucial. This is probably the single most valuable way in which you can improve your website’s usability. If you are not sure whether your website is mobile, you can use this free tool.

Exclude All the Distractions

Do you have an automated video playing on your site, or a splash page that blocks people from getting to what they need? Remove it all. Why? Not only is it annoying for many visitors, but it distracts them from doing what you want them to do.

Pro Tip: Though adding a short video on your website can increase your conversion rates but make sure it’s prominent on your hompage and strictly not on auto play let the visitors click

Stay Consistent With Your Branding

Consistency means making everything match. Heading sizes, font choices, coloring, button styles, spacing, design elements, illustration styles, photo choices, etc. Everything should be themed to make your design coherent between pages and on the same page. In order to provide your user with a beautiful experience as they navigate through your site, it is important that they know they are still in your website. Drastic design changes from one page to the other can lead your user to feel lost and confused and to lose trust in your site.

Winshape Foundation is a great example of consistent design. All of their pages follow one common pattern: navigation on the right, big header, sub header with a background image and some content below. I know no matter where I click, that I am still in their website as all their styling is consistent. Check it out http://www.winshape.org

Lastly, Hire a Professional

If you’re planning to make your website in house you need to think again. As for you every bit of information is important but professional developers know what to mention and what not to mention and with their experience and expertise they’ll take your website to a whole new level.


I hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to make your website more effective and result generating. A good user experience can take you far in the long run all you have to do is stay focused.

Christene Joseph is a blogger and social media marketer at Startup Bug. She specializes in social media, blogging, and enjoys creating marketing funnels.