Pricing a website isn’t as easy as you might think, at our web development agency we regularly get the question “how much does a website design cost?” and to sustain your position in this competitive marketing world it is more than necessary to have an online presence and for those who are still thinking about getting a website then you should not wait as 2017 is all online marketing.

Website design cost does not have any significant figure it all depends on the specifications and customization. It is very important to understand that each website design varies from one another so does the cost.
To make the concept of website design cost simple we have broken it down in different levels which are involved in website development.

Website Design should be viewed as a Service, Not a Product

It’s hard to shake the idea that websites aren’t a commodity. Websites are something that someone, often multiple people, has to put together. Viewing it as service-based will help you to better understand why a one-off price isn’t simple to give building a website takes continued time and effort. In order to bring a website in form it has to go through different phases of development which involve different skills and methods so no one can a set a definite amount for it until and unless we know what our customer wants.

Building a Website Involves a Complex Level of Planning

Detail is an integral part of Web development and this greatly affects pricing.

Case in point: you may want a feature on your website for users to upload an image. There are 50 questions I could ask you, and based on your answers, I can either build the feature in one hour or 100+ hours.
After this there are many other features which require endless efforts like how many pages will you need? Do people have to log in? Will you need to accept payments and the list goes on. So costing depends on the requirements you provide.

WordPress Websites Are Not FREE!

In any description of WordPress features, there’s one word you’re sure to see FREE This is, of course, true. The files necessary to install WordPress on a server and run it are indeed free.
If you’re running a casual business you can get your website for free yes absolutely without spending a dime but keep this in your mind that the features you’ll get are going to be very basic.
As soon as you’ll start adding up the advanced features your cost will start to double up some of which includes.
• Domain registration
• Hosting
• Premium theme
• Premium plugins
• Developer fees
• Security services
• Storage and backups
• Your time (and the opportunity cost associated with it)
This is the very basic information of website development your cost can also depend on the type of website as there are various kind of websites like Simple, Informational, Business Website (no E-commerce, marketing-focus), Mid-size, Informational, Business Website, Simple, E-commerce, Business Website and so on.


A very basic business website design costs starts from $500 and the final price is decided after we know all the details the client is looking for so to know our quote fill out our contact form we’ll give you a call to discuss your ideas and we’ll try our best to design the website according to wish and help your business grow.
For any further queries comment below.