Marketers are divided on the topic whether logos do have an overall impact on the increase of business in a company and the evolution from a simple product to a brand.
Most hold an opinion that logos are only important because it’s mandatory for every company to have one and they don’t have any influence on the company’s business or the branding overall. Rather than focusing on logos, it should be the product and its features which have to be improved and nurtured. Others, however, think otherwise. They’re convinced that a logo is the first step towards creating a superior brand image because a logo conveys a number of messages and that gives the company an identity.

With identity getting formed the consumer can easily relate the solutions they’re looking for and develop a bond with the company. To put this conflict to rest let’s find out the logo story of these 5 top brands and how much do they owe their success to logos:

NIKE (Swoosh)

Nike is the giant sports and athletic goods manufacturing brand which is recognizable even by people who are unenthusiastic about sports. The Nike ‘Swoosh’ logo is one of the most identified logos anywhere in the world. The Swoosh has played a major role in making Nike a mega successful and most valued brand. The Swoosh doesn’t mean a check mark, which is a typical case of any person to relate a check mark with Nike, but the message instilled in Swoosh is motion and speed, like when an athlete makes an efficient move.

The swoosh is onomatopoeia sound you’d hear of Lebron James or Michael Jordan dodging you to score a dunk! Nike’s swoosh is present on every sports equipment of the athlete the company endorses.

The owners of Nike had decided to have a simple logo that best represented their message of Motion and Speed. The logo has grown on to the people so much that now it represents more than the original message, it speaks about the evolution of an underdog athlete into the most talented star to grace the game. It carries heroic stories of people’s favorite team making history. Where does Nike stand today? Worth $26 billion and in the top 10 brands in the world.


Only a few can come close to the branding legacy of Apple. Apple has stowed its brand image so magnificently that we cannot agree to give any other brand the same amount of respect that of Apple.
Once a consumer starts relating himself with Apple, there’s no way he’s letting his hold go off and Apple through their brilliant innovation would make sure about it. But everyone has this curious question that why has a technology company associated itself with a fruit? Why is their logo an apple? The Apple logo we come across today is entirely different from the original one. The very first Apple logo had ‘Sir. Isaac Newton sitting underneath an apple tree’.

This gave a perception that Apple celebrated innovation and cleverness. But Apple I, the initial product of the company didn’t make great sales and Steve Jobs’ assumption was that the logo didn’t attract the people. They designed another logo, a colorful apple with a ‘byte’ taken out of it. It connected, Apple and ‘Byte’ for technology fanatics because ‘Byte’ is a unit of digital information in computing and telecommunication.

Steve Jobs demanded that it’d be filled with multiple colors and what was the result? Apple II made amazing sales! The new logo showed fun and enthusiasm. In 1998, Apple redesigned their logo to the monochromatic design and dropped the name Apple Computers to just Apple. Why? Because Apple was manufacturing metal computers and the colorful logo wouldn’t have complimented it.

Furthermore, Apple increased its product line to music players and cell phones (iPod and iPhone) and the new message through their logo was, “we’re unique, we’re for the cool people and “whoever owns an Apple is not an average person”.

Where does Apple stand today? Apple is the most valued brand as of 2017 and has established a benchmark for marketing and branding. People were always curious about their logo making up different theories about it, and Steve Jobs knew it. If a genius like Steve Job emphasized on a well-designed logo, then this should make crystal clear about the impact of a well-designed logo.

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What started out as just an online bookstore is now a multi-billion dollar company that sells every type of product around the globe. Amazon is a force that anyone has dared to defy ended up regretting; the best example is that of ‘Walmart’.

Amazon owes the progress of business to its logo. Its uniqueness is as much as it can be. Amazon’s first logo was just a simple ‘A’ with Amazon.com written beneath and a watery background making it seem pleasant to the eyes and gathered attention increasing the number of consumers.

In 1998, Amazon included music selection as well and changed their logo which advertised their exact offerings. The new design was far simpler with a white background and the letters Amazon.com written making it seem more pleasant to reach far more audience.

In 2000, Amazon introduced their most famous logo replacing the yellow underline with a yellow arrow pointing from A to Z. This delivered a message that Amazon is a place where everything’s available that people need.

They further made additions next year and a tagline was added beneath “and you’re done”. The message? Amazon is a place where consumers can find anything from A to Z because they have a huge collection of merchandise. What’s Amazon’s current standing?

It surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer of United States in 2015 and is recognized as a valuable brand even in those countries where Amazon services aren’t present.

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Coca Cola:

Coca Cola has embedded itself with the emotion of happiness and joy. 131 years since it originated and is now a brand which is always present among us in our every moment of joy with the people who mean to us the most.

Coca Cola’s long journey of logos has always had the same message, happiness, and celebrations. For example, Coca Cola’s logo in 2011 when they celebrated 125 years existence with bubbles bursting from the bottle showing celebrations and the most popular campaign to date ‘The Share A Coke’ campaign.

Coca Cola’s logo has been so recognizable now that they could’ve afforded to remove their logo with a line and a name beside it such as “Share a Coke with Alex”. But because of certain trademark issues, they made a ‘COKE’ logo and included it in as well.
What Coca Cola’s position? It’s being sold in over 200 countries by 2013 and by 2015 it was the third most valuable brand.

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Your life is incomplete if you don’t have Google by your side, that’s how Google’s importance can be explained in a nutshell. Google has gone through a number of changes of its logo.

Google’s logo is multicolored with a color dedicated to every letter; this made it attractive and simple. A reason for Google’s success compared to the rest of search engines has been its cleanliness and simplicity and it began designing simplicity with the logo. Google’s recent transformation to a flat design logo has further simplified the image.

Google is the monster in the brand world. When we talked earlier there are only a few that can match to Apple’s legacy, that few is one and only Google. Google is not only a brand, it’s a household name, and its progress towards that level initiated from its logo design.


The success stories of all these brands initiated from a well-designed logo because they were able to convince everyone about their image and personality through which they’ll be determined to touch their consumers’ lives effectively. A well-designed logo suggested about the brands’ professionalism and how the people managing these brands knew everything about their market place.

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Christene Joseph is a blogger and social media marketer at Startup Bug. She specializes in social media, blogging, and enjoys creating marketing funnels.