Website budget preparation is now an important task because a company’s recognition and existence is confirmed with the existence of the website. However, the website budget isn’t prepared only for the creation but to make the website impressive and stand out. With so many components to be included, it gets confusing as to the selection of components and the price to be paid. Here are the 10 components on which you determine your website budget:

1. Domain Name and Hosting:
A domain name is a very first and significant component to have your website created. The first thing is to purchase a domain name according to your business. There are various websites to check the availability of a domain name such as It would cost $1 – $12 per year. However, if the preferred domain name isn’t available then you have to seek a domain broker but it could be costly.

Hosting doesn’t necessarily require much cost but it depends if your business requires a lot of bandwidths. It can range from $5 – $50 a month.

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2. Website Strategy:
This includes the framework of your website; how your website should look like and made presentable. Always pursue the help of a digital marketing agency because they have experts which can understand best and describe the nature of your business online. Since website strategy is the framework, considerable attention has to be directed towards it.

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3. Logo/Branding:
A logo is the face of your company. Much like a website, it’s mandatory to have a logo designed because it represents your overall business attire and image. A logo would cost from $500 – $2000.Through a well-designed logo you can have an impressive start of your branding journey.

4. Content:
People say ‘Content is King’. They say it correct and those who deny it are the ones who lack the skills of creating content. People are searching for their solution on your website; they visited your website in the first place because it seemed like the appropriate place to do so. This is where your customer will judge how well do you know about their needs and solutions. So make sure you’ve researched thoroughly and understood everything from every aspect. There is various form of content and their costs vary. Here is a list of the mediums of a content:

Text: Text has always helped in creating motivation in the consumers through compelling words. Content has always been a primary source of information delivery and a professional content writer always develops fresh and suitable content which describes your business best. Content writers charge $50 – $120/hour and it takes them an hour or less to develop your content.

Graphics: Graphics add charm and impression into your website, one which your customer enjoys very much. They are beneficial to convert a complex message into a very simple and engaging. A graphic designer can be handy for custom graphics or you can use stock art graphics of $10 – $50. It takes ½ hours – 2 hours.

Photography: The visual representation of your product. You can use photography to display your product at the top of your website. If you have a service, you can display pictures of your office or of a satisfied customer after effect. Professional photographers charge from $500 – $2000/day.

Videography: Video has recently emerged as the best medium to make a consumer feel the experience of using a product. A professional videographer charges between $1000 -$3000 for a simple video comprising of two minutes.

5. Interface Design:
Once the website strategy has been made you should look forward to having it designed. You should have different designs for both desktops and mobile phones because both displays different designs. Offshore designers charge about $20 an hour and it takes 20 -30 hours for an interface design.

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